Youth Groups!

There is nothing like a gang of young people who have all decided to join a youth group, coming together on a Pathway Day Out.,

There is a buzz as they arrive, which we make sure to build on by making their Pathway Day special.

The Youth Group has a different atmosphere to a school day. Everyone has volunteered to be there, from the leaders to the newest member. Friendships are formed among different ages, genders and schools. The opportunity to spend a day together is grabbed enthusiastically.

Leaders tell us that they enjoy Pathway Days because:

  • Teams are built
  • Lots of choice of activities
  • Young people get to do completely new sports
  • The competition is fierce but fair
  • They bond with their groups
  • The conversations develop and become more open

A Pathway Day lasts a lot longer than 24 hours. There is excitement in the build-up, and enjoyment in the storytelling that follows. Memories are made, shared and laughed at for many years. We see people come back annually, with a bank of stories that will live on for years.

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