School Education Days

Test your students physically!

Young people at school quickly find their way around. They make friends, hang out, decide which subjects they prefer, play sport, or maybe don’t.

Young people on a Pathways Day are challenged. They are taken out of their zone, removed from screens, put in new teams, and given challenging problems to address.

The outcomes are often surprising. Feedback tells us that teachers identify

  • strengths previously unrecognised
  • leadership in pupils who were thought to be quiet
  • new teams formed
  • opportunities to express ideas
  • relationships with pupils improved
  • new activities inspiring further participation

Pathway Education Days are designed to suit the pupil profile, of age, gender mix, experience and educational achievement.

By bringing your classes on a Pathway Day, you have an opportunity for a day away from the classroom, a lighter touch day, an opportunity to assess the young people, and a day that you will enjoy too.

At the end of the day, the class will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Our team is fully qualified and have passed all the requisite legal certificates.

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